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PMIR Solutions serves the National's Capital Region, including Ottawa & Gatineau areas
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The PMIR Solutions (Corporation) is an independant infrared thermal imaging consulting and evaluation services company, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

We are certified as Thermographer Level II, Building Investigator and commercial building inspector, specializing in a non-invasive for detecing issues with energy loss, faulty insulation, moisture or water intrusion and indoor air quality issues by carrying out:

- Building envelope and structure surveys
- Roofing system survey
- Mechanical system surveys
- Electrical surveys

We can also provide the following:
- Analysing your needs in building and service maintenance
- Recommanding your easy and quick short or long term solutions
- Recommending modifications to your building
- Creating a Preventive Maintenance program for your building and services

We are aiming on locating and reducing the energy loss and recommending improvement to your building performance